Video Transfer

Many of us have lots of memories held on VHS and/or Camcorder tapes. Whether it’s a wedding or your child’s first steps, you should think about getting those memories converted to a more current format.

Steve Feeney Productions can help.  See below for details.

Download, print and complete our Video Transfers order form.

Click here for Coronavirus Precautions.

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Video (VHS) and Camcorder tape to DVD or Blu-Ray

Note: Minimum order £30.00

£15.00 for first hour of content.  Subsequent hours (or part of hours) from the same tape will be charged at £8.00. (so, a full 3-hour VHS tape transferred to DVD will cost £31.00)

£5.00 surcharge for delivery on Blu-Ray.

£3.00 per clip for transferring clips from multiple tapes to a single DVD.

£5.00 Additional DVD copies if part of the initial order.

£8.00 Additional Blu-Ray copies if part of the initial order.

£2.00 post & packaging charge applies if appropriate.

£25 per hour (or part of hour) for editing.

£10.00 surcharge for customised artwork.

Download, print and complete our Video Transfers order form.





Terms and Conditions

  1. VHS quality deteriorates over time and number of plays. We can only transfer the quality that the tape plays.  If we consider the quality is too poor, we will advise you so that we can discuss your options.
  2. We recommend a maximum of 2 hours per DVD or Blu-Ray.  To squeeze more onto a disc involves compressing data which will degrade the quality.
  3. Video recorded to VHS standard has approximately half the horizontal resolution of a DVD so there is little point in transferring to a Blu-Ray, which is an HD format, unless that is the only way you have of viewing the disc.
  4. Video delivered on USB Drive will be delivered in HD format because this is the format most likely to play on Smart TVs.
  5. DVDs and Blu-Ray will be delivered on a standard DVD-R disc in a DVD case with generic artwork.  Customised artwork can be produced at an additional charge – see options above.
  6. We can take clips from multiple VHS tapes but this is time consuming and subject to a charge of £3.00 per clip.
  7. More complex editing is available (afterall, it’s what we do) and charged at our standard editing rate.  See options above.
  8. The delivered files will be archived for an unspecified time in case you want to order another copy but no guarantee is offered for how long.
  9. We do our transfers in batches so please allow up to 14 days for delivery.
  10. Please look after your original VHS tapes.  Don’t rely on the post – please deliver and collect in person.


Coronavirus Precautions

During this uncertain “lockdown” period cause by the Coronavirus pandemic we will are applying the following “distancing” precautions:

  1. You deliver the VHS/camcorder tapes to our door.
  2. We will leave the tape(s) on a shelf in quarantine for at least 72 hours before doing the work.
  3. If you’ve chosen the post option, we’ll post the DVD, Blu-Ray or USB drive to you, and we’ll hang on to your VHS/camcorder tapes until it’s safe for you to collect them. 
  4. Alternatively, you collect both your DVD, Blu-Ray or USB drive together with your VHS/camcorder tapes.  Quarantining will then be your responsibility.

We’re always happy to discuss your requirements so give us a call on 07840 400225