Music Videos

You’re not really established as a band or an artist these days unless you have a video to support your act.

We’re quite happy to produce exactly what you have in mind or, if you’d like, we can work with you from scratch to produce a creative video to reflect your style and genre.


The Blue Cats perform their Bluelight Records single ‘Billy Ruffians’ taken from their album ‘Best Dawn Yet’.

With over 240,000 views on YouTube, this is now our most watched video.

Guilty Heart

Our production of Guilty Heart by Clint Bradley from his album This Hour which has over 36,000 views. Watch in full screen to see the full HD Quality!

Man Walks

Clint Bradley sings the Marty Robbins song, Man Walks Among Us.

We don’t do enough music videos – even though they are our most watched videos on YouTube! We’d love to do more so contact Steve Feeney to discuss your needs.