The Kit We Use


Panasonic HPX-371 Full HD P2 recording and SDI connectivity. This camera is used for broadcast, news and sport gathering, live events, conferences, theatre shows and corporate videos when size doesn’t matter! It’s capable of filming in AVC Intra, DVCPRO HD (full 1920 x 1080), up to 100 mbps as well as DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO25.

Panasonic HVX-201 HD P2 recording – SDI connectivity via an external adaptor. The picture very closely matches the HPX371 making it very useful when a second camera is required such as formal interviews and theatre shoots. The HVX-201 is used for news and sport gathering, live events, conferences, theatre shows and corporate videos when size does matter! The HVX201 is also normally used for filming weddings because it is less conspicuous than the larger “371”.

Hero2 HD SD card recording. This remarkable little camera can be mounted on helmets, bikes, skateboards, vehicles, skis and anywhere else where we need an HD action shot. It’s also waterproof so can be used under water.

Lighting Kit:

2 x Flo-Lite These lights run cold and don’t cast harsh shadows which make them ideal for working with green screens, and interview situations.

PAG Light The industry standard camera top PAG Light just adds “lift” for interview and ENG work when we can’t choose better lighting.

Audio Kit:

Marantz PMD660 A compact digital 2 channel audio recorder with line level and microphone inputs. This is often used to get a second audio recording for use as a backup or taking clean feeds from sound desks etc. It’s small enough for reporters to use it

Beyer Dynamic MCE-86 x 3 This shotgun microphone is our work horse of sound capture. One microphone includes a battery compartment which makes it appropriate for use with the wireless microphone transmitter. When used with the “Windjammer” these microphones are ideal for use outdoors.

Rode Wired Lapel mic. This microphone is ideal for sit down formal interviews.

Sennheiser Radio Lapel mic. This wireless microphone clips to the clothing and is perfect for interviews and recording speakers at conferences etc. when trailing cables are an issue.

Beyer Dynamic M67-N This very old cardioid microphone works very well with the wireless microphone transmitter and is great for interviews and reporting. (One day we’ll replace it but it sounds so good and deals with “pops” in noisy environments so well that we’re in no hurry).

Various stands and boom poles. We have a variety of mic stands, suspension mounts and boom poles as you would expect.