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On this page, instead of buying a DVD, you can now buy digital downloads.  These downloads are normally in HD.

Simply click on the “Buy Now” button below to buy the related product.  These video files can be very big, up to 10 Gb!  They will take some time to download and this time will depend on your broadband speed.  Please be patient.

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Not all of our DVDs are instantly available to download because that involves a significant amount of storage. However, if you would like a digital download for any product, we can normally make it available within 48 hours.

Please hang on to your PayPal acknowledgement email as the transaction reference is your proof of purchase in the event of needing support.  If you do need support, please email Steve at rather than troubling the gym as they can’t do anything about it.  Thanks.

You are licenced to view this video and to make a personal backup. You are not permitted to distribute this file beyond your immediate household.

2020 – A Year To Remember

A film to mark 2020 celebrating the competition successes at the start of the year.  It also reflects on our member’s training during lockdown. There are interviews with some of our champions and footage of “in gym” training.  We also look back at some of the best performances from previous years.

Duration: 106 mins 33 secs



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